Building (garage-parking), located at the address: 11Б, Khrustalnaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg

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A production and warehouse building with a land plot in St. Petersburg.
Total area: 7,137.1 sq.m.
Year of construction: 1974.
Purpose: non-residential.
Number of storeys: 5 (4-5), ground floor.
Cadastral number: 78:12:7013:5:34.
The building has been redesigned (additional partitions installed). The supporting structures are not affected by the alterations. The outer boundaries of the building have not changed.
The object is equipped with electricity, heat, water and sewerage.
Land plot is located at the address (with addressable landmarks): 11Б (plot 3), Khrustalnaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg.
Area: 2,318 sq.m.
Category of lands: lands of settlements.
Type of permitted use: for the location of transport objectss (except for gas stations, gas filling stations, car service enterprises, garages and parking lots).
Cadastral number: 78:12:0007013:5.
Engineering networks: power supply, heating, water supply, sewerage.
In accordance with the General Development Plan of Saint-Petersburg approved by the Law of Saint-Petersburg dated 22.12.2005, No. 728-99 «On the General Development Plan of Saint-Petersburg and Boundaries of Cultural Heritage Protection Zones on the Territory of Saint-Petersburg» (in the current version), the land plot is located in the production zone, the subspecies of ПД is the zone of production, transport and logistics, warehousing, engineering infrastructure, including public and business development objects related to the maintenance of this zone. In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of St. Petersburg dated 21.06.2016 No. 524 «On the Rules of Land Use and Development of St. Petersburg», the land plot under assessment refers to the zone of the type of ТПД - multifunctional zones with the inclusion of industrial, warehouse, engineering infrastructure and public and business development; subspecies of ТПД1_2 - multifunctional subzone of industrial, warehouse, engineering infrastructure of IV and V hazard classes, as well as public and business development in the peripheral and suburbs.
Deployments and surrounding buildings
The object is located in the quarter bounded by Khrustalnaya Ulitsa, Ulitsa Knipovich, Ulitsa 2nd Luch, Fayansovaya Ulitsa.
Closest environment and development
The surrounding development is mainly represented by industrial and warehouse development, as well as transportation and railway infrastructure objects. In close proximity to the objects are: research and production organization NPP «Signal», Research Institute of the Academy of Public Utilities, sports complex «Volna», ITMO University Institute of International Business and Law, STO Avto-Sila, car service «Injector Volga», joinery «Dekora», Kirov compound feed plant, plant of pipeline parts «Rekom», etc.
Transport accessibility:
  • The object is located at a distance of about 2,200 m. from the Ploschad Aleksandra Nevskogo metro station, the nearest public transport stop is located at a distance of 150 m. on Ulitsa 2nd Luch. The public transport routes run near the objects: bus No. 58, trolleybuses No. 14, 16. The Gluhoozerskaya railway station is located at a distance of about 1,000 m. from the object of assessment.
  • Availability of road transport (including freight transport) can be characterized as normal. The distance to the major transport highway - Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony - is 900 m.
Entrance and parking conditions
Access road to the object - asphalt road - is in normal condition. The access is from the side of Ulitsa 2nd Luch. Entry to the territory is via a checkpoint. The territory is fenced and guarded.