Opening date:
11-03-2020 at 12:00
Application deadline:
25-01-2021 at 18:00
Type of bid:
Sale by public offer
detailed description
Public offering

Property complex, located at the address: Pereulok Avtomatiki, 3, Yekaterinburg

Cut-off price
119 137 731.6 ₽
Starting price
158 850 308.8 ₽
Step upwards
794 251.54 ₽
Step downwards
7 942 515.44 ₽
The deposit amount
15 800 000 ₽
Kornik Anna


Administrative and production complex located on a land plot in the city of Yekaterinburg is offerd for sale.
The composition of the property complex:
  1. Brick 6-storey administrative and office building (of 1964; reconstruction in 1987). Liter A. Total area: 4,628.9 sq.m. Cadastral number: 66:41:0703008:191.
  2. Land plot. Area: 7,145.89 sq.m. Cadastral number: 66:41:0703008:404.
  3. Brick 2-storey administrative and production building (of 1961; reconstruction in 1992). Liter В. Total area: 1,634.9 sq.m. Cadastral number: 66:41:0703008:210.
  4. Non-residential building (transformer substation). Year of construction: 1964. Liter E. Total area: 61.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 66:41:0703008:199.
  5. Non-residential building of warehouse purpose. Year of construction: 1970. Liter Ж. Total area: 37.8 sq.m. Cadastral number: 66:41:0703008:162.
  6. Non-residential building (autonomous gas boiler house). Year of construction: 2010. Liter И. Total area: 64.1 sq.m. Cadastral number: 66:41:0703008:192.
  7. Objects of inseparable improvements and movable property (202 positions).
Part of premises with the total area of 3,687.7 sq.m. are leased out under lease agreements with an average rate of 387.46 rub. per sq.m. per month (with VAT and utility costs).
The complex is located in the Kirovsky district of the city of Yekaterinburg, on the outskirts of the residential district Vtuzgorodok, near the industrial zone. From the west, the micro-district is adjacent to the central part of the city.
The surrounding area is mainly represented by public, commercial and social facilities, as well as residential buildings. In the immediate vicinity there are: Kamennye Palatki forest park and the embankment of Lake Shartash. The object has convenient access roads, guarded parking for 30-40 cars, the entrance is equipped with a checkpoint and a barrier. The distance to the nearest public transport stop is <200 m.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • large land plot;
  • parking availability;
  • good technical and engineering condition;
  • can be used as a business center, rental business, multifunctional complex;
  • the entire property complex, including the land plot, is in ownership.