date of realization:
22-10-2021 at 10:00
Application deadline:
20-10-2021 at 17:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги завершены

Several land plots (of 8.6 ha) for development in the microdistrict of Noviy Klin

Starting price
59 000 000 ₽
Step upwards
2 950 000 ₽
The deposit amount
5 900 000 ₽
Sharikha Street, Klin, Moscow Region
Total area
85 664 m²
Market data
Ссылка на ЭТП
+7 9923100699


For the sale of a single lot offered 5 land plots for multi-storey residential development in a new environmental area residential buildings «Noviy Klin», with connected electrical power to 4,870 kW, the balance of which is ~ 2,670 kW.
  1. Land plot, area: 23,100 +/- 106 sq.m., cadastral number: 50:03:0040280:182.
  2. Land plot, area: 23,100 +/- 106 sq.m., cadastral number: 50:03:0040280:185.
  3. Land plot, area: 23,100 +/- 53 sq.m, cadastral number: 50:03:0040280:5648.
  4. Land plot, area: 4,500 +/- 23 sq.m., cadastral number: 50:03:0040280:5694.
  5. Land plot, area: 11,864 +/- 38 sq.m., cadastral number: 50:03:0040280:6875.
For reference: in addition to the land plot will be transferred: ready-made sales office with a total area of 140 sq.m., with parking and 2 showrooms, there is a backyard, covered parking for top managers, basement for storing things/documents, as well as the ready-made design of a 5-storey house.
Restrictions and encumbrances
There are restrictions of rights to the part of the land plot with an area of 506 sq.m. (registration number of the part: 50:03:0040280:182/1) stipulated by Art. 56, 56.1 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation. For the land plot with cadastral number: 50:03:0040280:5648 access is provided through land plots with cadastral numbers: 50:03:0040280:182, 50:03:0040280:361. Through this land plot there is an exit to the land plots with cadastral numbers: 50:03:0040280:5694, 50:03:0040280:6874, 50:03:0040280:6875.
Location and surroundings
Noviy Klin mikrorayon is being built in the southeastern part of the town of Klin. This is a completely new, full-fledged microrayon. There is a pond in front of the housing estate and the Sestra River nearby. Near the housing estate is a forest park, and there are many attractions, including the Museum of Arkady Gaidar and P.I. Tchaikovsky. The neighborhood is partially built, erected and put into operation 4 multi-storey apartment buildings, the apartments in which are fully realized. The residential buildings accommodate merchants and service providers, including grocery stores, beauty salons, a children's center, a hardware store, etc.
Transport accessibility
Good transport accessibility. Close to the new buildings of the complex is the Leningradskoe shosse, 65 km. from Moscow Ring Road and 69 km. from the nearest Moscow metro stations «Rechnoi vokzal» and «Planernaya». At a distance of 5.3 km. from the new buildings is a railway station Klin with electric trains to Leningradsky railway station, to which the complex has buses and shuttle buses.
  • Metro station «Rechnoi Vokzal» → walk 530 m. to the bus stop (7 min.) → bus stop «Severny Rechnoi vokzal» → bus No. 437 (1 hour 20 min) → bus stop «Yuzhnaya» → walk 880 m. (11 min.).
  • Metro station «Komsomolskaya» → walk 360 m. to the railway station (4 min.) → Leningradsky railway station → by electric trains to Klin, Tver, Konakovo GRES (1 hour 35 min.) → Klin station → walk 270 m. to the stop (3 min.) → stop «Station» → bus No. 18, route cabs No. 5, 18 (11 min.) → stop «Yuzhnaya» → walk 810 m. (11 min.).
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  1. Residential buildings «Noviy Klin» is located in the area adjacent to the highway Moscow-St. Petersburg, located in the town of Klin, Moscow region.
  2. Inner yards beautified sports and children's playgrounds.
  3. The axis of the neighborhood laid pedestrian boulevard with fountains, playground, a large sports field and benches.
  4. The administration of the urban district of Klin was donated a plot of land with cadastral number 50:03:0040280:5693, an area of 18,600 sq.m., for the construction of the Malyutka school for 275 pupils under the program of budget financing. A reserve of places was promised in the school for 1,100 pupils which is under construction at the address Klinskaya Ulitsa, 40, Klin.
  5. The land plot planned for the placement of multi-storey building, free of buildings and green spaces, and meets the requirements for the declared purposes.
  6. The object is not within the boundaries of the reserved areas for the construction and reconstruction of the Central Ring Road (CRR) and its transport infrastructure, and is not within the boundaries of specially protected natural and historical areas.