49 land plots (of 510,565 sq.m.), located at the address: Antonovka quarter, Romanovka Settlement, Vsevolozhsk District, Leningrad Region

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Address: Antonovka quarter, Romanovka Settlement, Vsevolozhsk District, Leningrad Region
Sale of 49 land plots for low-rise housing construction
Land mass
Area: 510,565 sq.m.
Type of permitted use: low-rise residential construction (3-4 floors), project area - up to 180 thou sq.m. of housing.
Current use: not in use. The territory is not a cleared undeveloped land mass.
Burdens: mortgage in favour of PJSC Sberbank.
Engineering communications (Technical specifications for connection of capital construction object to communications have been received):
  • specifications for connection to centralized water supply and sewerage systems: volume of water disposal - 1,642.5 cub.m., volume of water consumption - 1,943.4 cub.m. dated 27.06.2016;
  • specifications for connection to power grids: maximum capacity of connected devices - 6,250 kW from 09.03.2016;
  • specifications for connection to thermal networks: maximum rated load of objects - 17.95 Gcal/h from 24.02.2016.
Cost and terms of sale of land plots at the formation stage.