date of realization:
15-07-2020 at 16:00
Application deadline:
13-07-2020 at 23:30
Type of bid:
Outdoor Dutch auction
detailed description
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Sale of claim rights to ООО Shahtoupravlenie Karagailinskoe

Cut-off price
300 000 000 ₽
Starting price
1 200 000 000 ₽
Step upwards
15 000 000 ₽
Step downwards
75 000 000 ₽
The deposit amount
10 000 000 ₽
Zheludkova Olga
(812) 334-4002,


ООО Shahtoupravlenie Karagailinskoe is an independent coal mining and processing enterprise. The end product is «Ж» grade coal concentrate supplied to coke-chemical enterprises in Russia and exported to other countries. The Shahtoupravlenie is located in the northwestern part of the Uskat geological and economic region of Kuzbass.
Address: 1а, Progressivnaya Ulitsa, Karagailinskiy Settlement, Kiselyovsk, Kemerovo Region
The district centers, Prokopievsk and Kiselevsk are located 30 km. and 15 km. south of the subsoil plot respectively. ООО Shahtoupravlenie Karagailinskoe and Karagaylinskaya Concentrating factory are the town-forming enterprises of the Karagaylinskoye urban settlement. Transport network of the district is represented by the highway of regional importance of Leninsk-Kuznetskiy city - Novokuznetsk city, passing in the north from the central industrial site at a distance of 0.1 km.
The Shahtoupravlenie holds two subsurface use licenses:
  • КЕМ 13458 ТЭ, valid until December 31, 2038;
  • КЕМ 01620 ТЭ, valid until January 15, 2032.
Total number of balance reserves within the limits of license КЕМ 13458 ТЭ is 43,516 thous tons, within the limits of license КЕМ 01620 ТЭ - 1,274 thous tons.
The industrial capacity of the mine management established by the project makes 1,1 - 1,5 million tons a year on mountain weight. The planned production indicators of ООО Shahtoupravlenie Karagailinskoe are achieved by operation of one clean face. Two sets of clean equipment are used for elimination of gaps in treatment production during the installation and dismantling works. Estimated maximum productivity of the clean complex, determined by the design documentation, is 90 thous tons per month. The project accepted the variant of block preparation of a mine field and opening of blocks by inclined shafts and flank gradients. When working out the central, southern and northern parts of the mine field it is planned to completely convey the rock mass from the treatment face and from the preparatory faces to the surface, to the ordinary warehouse of the beneficiation plant.
The concentrating factory of ООО Shahtoupravlenie Karagailinskoe was put into operation in 2015. It is designed for processing and beneficiation of raw coal of «Ж» grade for the purpose of obtaining coking concentrate, as well as for additional processing of other grades, in order to obtain thermal coal concentrates and coke concentrate. The enrichment plant has adopted the technological scheme of enrichment with the use of gravity enrichment methods in heavy media. The project provides for a flexible technological scheme allowing, depending on the quality of the source coal and conditions of concentrate shipment, to process the coal with or without the flotation process. The current design capacity of the enrichment plant is 1,500 thous tonnes of feedstock per year. There is a technical possibility to increase capacity up to 2,400 thous tons per year of initial raw materials at installation of additional equipment.
ООО Shahtoupravlenie Karagailinskoe is a modern enterprise with undeniable advantages:
  • large volume of coal balance reserves within the limits of license areas;
  • modern equipment for coal mining and processing;
  • staff of highly qualified employees (at the moment - about 1,000 people);
  • implementation of accident-free operation of the complex due to compliance with design measures for industrial safety.

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