The land plot is located in the Leningradskaya Oblast on the shore of the Red Lake, near the Korobitsyno and in close proximity to the resorts of Krasnoe Ozero, Snezhny and Zolotaya Dolina.
The best and most efficient use of the land plot is the construction of low-rise apartments of cottage and townhouse types, organization of a hotel complex, recreation center and/or rehabilitation center, SPA-complex.
Subject of sale:
100% of shares in the Limited Liability Company, which owns a long-term lease right (up to 2055) of the land plot with the area of 38.1 ha, are put up for sale.
Address of the land plot: 
Leningradskaya Oblast, Priozersky Rayon, Krasnozernoe, FGU Sosnovsky leskhoz, Michurinskoe lesnichestvo, quarter 81, plots of land: 4-10, 17-22, 27-31, 65, 67, parts 23-26, 32-34.
Area of the land plot: 
38,1 ha.
Transport accessibility:
The site is located in Priozersky Rayon of Leningradskaya Oblast, at a distance of 1.5 km. from Korobitsyno and 1 km. from the Lebedevka. The distance from Saint-Petersburg is about 90 km. (travel time 1-1.5 hours). The distance from Vyborg is 70 km.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • the plot is located on the picturesque slopes of Mount Zalesnaya near Lake Krasnoe. The lake is a nature conservation object with the purest water, unique in its chemical composition and healing properties;
  • the site is located near the resort Krasnoe Ozero, which is a major center of sports and recreation in the north-west, the venue of international and national competitions, training base of the national freestyle team of Saint-Petersburg and Russia;
  • the facility is characterized by good transport accessibility and has a large enough size to organize a multifunctional recreational and hotel complex, focused on recreation, seasonal accommodation, health and rehabilitation programs for visitors.

Category of land

Земли лесного фонда

Разрешённое использование

Для культурно-оздоровительных, туристических и спортивных целей.