Генеральный директор РАД принял участие в парламентских слушаниях на тему: «Повышение эффективности управления федеральным имуществом»

The General Director of the AHRF took part in the parliamentary hearings on the subject: “Increasing of the Efficiency of the Federal Property Management”
               On 6th March in the State Duma parliamentary hearings on the subject: “Increasing of Efficiency of the Federal Property Management” took place. The main subject of the discussion became priority courses and the improvement of the strategy for the development of Russian economy.
               In the event deputies of the State Duma, members of the Federation Council, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Accounting Chamber, the Federal Property Management Agency, regional authorities, the business and scientific community participated to analyze the main problems of federal property management and privatization, as well as to discuss approaches to improving the state property management system and ways to increase transparency of decisions made.
Event speakers:
- Nikolay Nikolayev Deputy of the United Russia fraction, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations
- Vadim Yakovenko Head of the Federal Property Management Agency
- Oksana Tarasenko Director of Corporate Management Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia
- Sergey Puzyrevsky Deputy Head of the FAS of Russia
- Maxim Rokhmistrov Auditor of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation
- Yuri Petrov Deputy of the State Duma of the VI and VII convocations from the United Russia party, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Property Matters
- Vladimir Sysoev Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the sixth and seventh convocations, member of the fraction of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia political party, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for Natural Resources, Environmental Management and Ecology
- Andrey Stepanenko General Director of the Auction House of the Russian federation JSC, Member of the Business Russia General Council of the All-Russian Public Association, Head of the Trading Committee
- Andrey Voronin Chairman of the Expert Council of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and others.
               At the hearings, in particular, matters of privatization of the state property at electronic facilities, peculiarities and effects of transfer of privatization biddings into electronic format, as well as the role of federal agents in organizing and preparing the state property for biddings were raised.
               “One can argue a lot about the efficiency of federal agents, however, during the past five years their share has been about 80% of privatization and provision of a planned budget targets for the sale of the state property. Thus, the agents showed their efficiency in this market”, noted Andrey Stepanenko in his speech.
               General Director of the AHRF brought forward for discussion the question of improving the functions of electronic facilities, stressing that privatization at the electronic trading facilities is a fairly recent event.
               “Now we have eight facilities for the state procurements. However, these facilities are not professionals in privatization area, because they still have too little experience for such auctions”, – thinks Andrey Stepanenko.
               In addition, the facilities for procurements are ideologically and functionally aimed at the effective developing (spending) of the state funds, and not at earning funds for the state. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in the question: can electronic facilities for the state procurements sell state property? At present, the efficiency of e-privatization directly by the regions and municipalities, and the RF itself, without the involvement of federal sales agents, remains quite low, Stepanenko noted.
               In his speech General Director of the AHRF supported the initiative to get away from unitary enterprises as a part of the Decree of the President of the RF, justifying this by the fact, that the participation of unitary enterprises in economic activity has a negative effect on competition in local markets and leads to their monopolization, and also entails additional volume of expenses of funds of federal and regional budgets.
               “As for the set of services provided by an auction organizer, then, of course, we must carry out the Decree of the President on replenishing the federal budget by any effective means”, noted Andrey Stepanenko in his conclusion, addressing to the heads of key specialized agencies attended at the hearings.