Masonic book – prediction about Nicholas the Second, prohibited history of Catherine the Great’s life, as well as 100-years old mathematical formula of “containment of overall rising costs of life” will be sold at the auction of the Auction House of the

On 23rd of April there will be the Spring Old Books Auction, organized by Saint Petersburg House of Books and the Auction House of the Russian Federation.
The event will take place at 14.00 in the House of Books, in the atrium of Singer Houseв (Saint Petersburg, Nensky Prospekt, 28).

For the upcoming auction for sale offered 270 lots: books on history, finance, law, art, fiction, books for children, descriptions of countries and cities, as well as engravings, lithographs and posters.
The range of starting prices is also wide – from от 2,000 to 450,000 rubles.

The oldest book of the presented at the auction – “Poland and Lithuanian Embassy in Moscovia, described by Bernhard Tanner, Prague Czech” (Lot 1. Estimate 80,000-90,000 rubles) – was issued in 1689 in Nuremberg. It is written in Latin, but completely dedicated to Russia. Czech traveler visited Moscovia as a member of Poland and Lithuanian Embassy in 1678. The Embassy stayed in Moscow for nearly three months. In his book Tanner described the way of delegation from the borders of Poland to Moscow, reception of ambassadors by Tsar, Moscow itself (one of the most detailed description), as well as some interesting sketches about the life of Moscow average men. Thus the author was very impressed by local fauna: as an illustration in the book there is a picture of a “Karacan” and the words of the Innkeeper that “there are insects, nested in timber slots, they are called cockroaches, they not put the aborigines to the slightest trouble, but disturb the aliens quite a lot”.

According to the e-base Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog, counting the availability of books in major libraries of the world, there are only eleven copies of this publication that speaks about its real rarity.
Not less interesting the other book – “The Last Caesar. Essay of Life and Reign of the Emperor of Russia Nicholas the Second” by Victor Obninskiy (Lot 64, estimate 100,000-120,000 rubles). At first glance an ordinary name for a historic monograph in the light of the fact that the book was issued in 1912, i. e. FIVE years prior the collapse of the Romanovs Dynasty is interpreted quiet differently. Concurrently the author with certainty calls Nicholas the Second the last Caesar.
A gross volume with a State Coat of Arms on the cover – it is a peculiar “wikileaks” of 1912. In the book issued in Berlin without indicating the name of the author and year of issuing, the compromising materials about the Emperor and persons, occupying the state highest positions – S. Witte (Russian statesman), P. Stolypin (statesman of the Russian Empire), A. Bulygin (Russian statesman, Minister of Internal Affairs), is collected. Just after issuing the book was banned for export and distribution through Russian Empire.
The author of the book the contemporaries considered to be Victor Obninskiy, Russian political figure and journalist (1867-1916), the Deputy of the First State Duma (the State Parliament) and prominent member of the “Renaissance” Masonic Lodge. The financing of publication was attributed to one more famous Mason – Prince David Bebutov. Bebutov was not only ideological speaker, but financial support of Russian Freemasonry. His Moscow apartment and Saint Petersburg mansion became the place of secret meetings of Masonic Lodge. The Prince was famous for his special, personal animosity towards the Tsar Nicholas the Second.
Unknown facts about terrorist attacks are listed in the book: murders of Great Prince Sergey Alekseevich, Minister of Internal Affairs V. Pleve, P. Stolypin. The author also accuses the highest officialdom of Russian Empire of corruption: “Caucasian lands were generally interesting for the officialdom. When Prince of Oldenburg and Witte were arranging Caucasian Riviera on the Black Sea coast, all the best land plots were sold to officials at chip prices”.

One more book prohibited by the censorship, presented at the auction, dedicated to, we think, the most respected Russian Empress – to Catherine the Great. The work of historian Vasiliy Bil’basov “The History of Catherine the Second (lot 40, estimate 55,000-70,000 rubles). When the book was presented for inspection to Alexander the Third, the Sovereign was highly resented. “Could such a man really write the history of Catherine, – he told, – such a man could not write the history of Catherine; Solov’ev – it is quite a different story, he had a state significance, and Bil’basov is searching only for scandals”. Narration style of the Author really differs sharply from the works of Solov’ev (Russian religious philosopher) and the other well-known historians by a free way of recital and plenty of sensational information. In style and content the book mostly reminds fiction and sometimes even a gutter press. The study of Bil’basov affected the intimate aspects of the Empress life, threw light on grounds forbidden before, like the Empress’ relations with the favorites, it was rich with psychological sketches and historical anecdotes.
The Emperor was anger with the articles, dedicated to the Revolution of 1762 and the death of Peter the Third. Thus Bil’basov took liberties to suppose that Catherine considered it necessary to put out of the way physically a deposed Emperor and that murder of Peter was committed with her connivance. Such guesses were, of course, absolutely unacceptable for official historiography of the XIX century. The book has been declared to be seditious and almost the whole published copies of the second volume were destroyed.
That is why the set of 2 volumes represented in the catalogue of the Auction House of the Russian Federation has a considerable bibliographic value.

Within the present economic situation the study “How to Stop “Rising Costs of Life?” by Nicholas Morozov (Lot 143, estimate 3,000-5,000 rubles) issued in 1916, seemed to be very curious. The author – a person of interesting fate: yearly in life took part in preparation of attempts upon the life of Alexander II, was a member of Masonic Lodge. In 1939 85-year Morozov has graduated from sniper course of studies of Osoviakhim (Society for Assistance to Defense, Aviation and Chemical Construction) and three years later at Volkhov Front he personally took part in military operations. He wrote a lot of books and articles on astronomy, cosmogony, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geophysics, meteorology, aeronautics, aviation, history, philosophy, political economy, linguistics, history of science – mainly of popular and educational type.
He starts his book with a story about talk with a housemaid, thinking that if she was a tsarina, she would print surely one million rubles for every partial and turn everybody into millionaire. This conversation forced Morozov to study “grounds of today rising costs of all things”. The author decided to use for this problem an emotionless mathematical analysis.
“After many frustrate attempts to clear in words the main reasons for a modern total rise in prices, the idea to process this question mathematically came to my mind… And mathematical analysis of the problem bring me to such simple formulae, that they are easily understandable for realist or for gymnasium pupil of high school”.
The author promises, that in his study he will bring a secret of controlling the “rise in prices”. May be somebody will give this secret knowledge to modern economists... Starting price of the Lot is only 3,000 rubles.

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