The land plots are for sale for residential and commercial construction in New Moscow

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold auctions on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). DIA’s property - five plots of land with a total area of 151.9 hectares, on the territory of Desenovskoye settlement in the Novomoskovskiy administrative district - put up for sale.
The auction will be held in the format of a public offer on the electronic trading floor of ETF AHRF in the period from July 30, 2019 to January 10, 2020. According to the terms of the public offer, the initial cost of lots during this period of time will gradually decrease. The winner will be the first one to apply.

The plots are divided into three lots for sale:

Lot # 1 – a plot of 30.6 hectares for the construction of logistics/office complex, multifunctional shopping center
The plot is located along Kaluga highway, 6 km. from «Olkhovaya» metro station, 11 km. from Moscow Ring Road.
Address: 31st km Kaluga highway, Desenovskoye settlement, Moscow.
The initial price – 785,7 million rubles.
MINIMAL price – 52 million rubles.

Lot # 2 – two plots with the area of 49,6 and 32,7 hectares for IHC
The plots are located near the village of Kuvekino, 8 km. from Kaluga and 11 km. from Warsaw highway.
The area is located in one of the most ecologically clean and green areas of the city. In the immediate surroundings: woodland, Cherepovo Lake and Baranov Creek. Nearby there is a cottage village and horticulture.
The initial price – 2.2 billion rubles.
MINIMAL price – 862 million rubles.

Lot # 3 – two plots with the area of 11,4 and 27,5 hectares for IHC
The plots are located near the village of Pykhchevo, 3.6 km. from Kaluga highway, 20 minutes from «Olkhovskaya» metro station.
Nearby is the Dubrava nature reserve, in walking distance there are small lakes. Nearby there are several horticulture.
The initial price – 1 billion rubles.
MINIMAL price – 417,2 million rubles.