A former Rodina cinema in the centre of Vyborg got a new owner

On 12th April the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) summarized the results of the auction on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASV).
The property of Vyborg-Bank PJSC, the bank being liquidated, situated in historical part of Vyborg – the former Rodina cinema with a land plot with an area of 1 thousand sq. m – was offered for sale.
Address: 7, Mira Str., Vyborg.

The auction was being held at the ETP AHRF electronic trading platform through a public offer, during the period from 11th January to 27th April. During this period, the price of the lot was gradually decreasing.
By the end of April, the minimum price of a lot would have been 1.6 million rubles.

Seven applications were received from the bidders.
The winner of the auction became an individual, who offered the highest price for the Lot.
Sale price – 22.1 million rubles.

Currently, the building of the cinema is in unsatisfactory condition. The building is not a monument and can be demolished.
The future investor can carry there out almost any commercial project: a store, office center, shopping and entertaining complex, etc.