The successful sale of the property depends on its representation in the market and the quality of the advertising campaign. Highlight the advantages of the object "object pack" for buyers and investors to determine the best format of the sale price and assign an objective professional consultants will help the company JSC "Russian auction house." The advertising campaign, developed by taking into account the specifics of the market, will help to attract potential buyers in a short time.

Knowledge of the real estate market, sales experience and geography of our company will allow to make the right decision on your project. Known as one of the leading companies in the field of real estate transactions, we make every effort to contribute to the success of our clients.


Investment memorandum - a universal document, which gives an indication of the attractiveness of the project, business efficiency and financial investment:

The composition of the memorandum include:

  • Market analysis
  • Identify options for the most efficient use of the object
  • The main advantages of investing in the object
  • Conclusion on market value
  • Ranking in the sale, the best way to implement

Deep level of development research ensures optimal results.

Presentation of the object - a great way to express succinctly:

  • The main characteristics of the object and its location
  • The main advantages of investing in the object
  • The range of market value
  • Ranking in the sale
  • The optimal way to implement

Analysis of the best and most efficient use of the object allows you to unlock the potential to achieve the objectives of the investor or developer, to reduce market risks more fully use the features of the location.

The study is conducted:

  • analysis of potential locations, features and limitations
  • analysis of the most effective uses of the analysis of competing projects
  • calculation of economic efficiency
  • concept of object

Due Diligence procedure allows to form an independent, objective idea about investing on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of:

  • financial condition of the company
  • the risks associated with investments
  • the market value of the object
  • legal purity of the deal
  • corporate structure and governance
  • prospects for the development of enterprise

In case you need to make a decision about investing in the purchase of real estate or land, we offer you to use our services.

  • determine the effectiveness and return on investment;
  • definition of alternative uses of land or property;
  • development strategy of the proposed project.

For the preparation of a report, we will:

  • analyze information about the location of land or property;
  • analyze the real estate market and land;
  • consider options for the most efficient use, suggest alternatives;
  • make the calculation of return on investment of alternative projects;
  • give advice on the effectiveness of investment in the project.

Form of information - reports, presentations.

The study enables us to analyze the situation in the market and allows for successful investments in the future.

Opportunities for research:

  • general characteristics of the market and consumers
  • analysis of the volume and nature of the existing supply and demand
  • promising market segments, trends and forecasts
  • rental rates / sale prices, commercial conditions
  • portrait of a potential buyer / tenant
  • demand format for land use and real estate
  • analysis of the level of prices and competition

Effectiveness of advertising campaigns - one of the fundamental elements of the positioning and promotion of the project to the market. We use methods that deliver the right information to potential buyers and, ultimately, to sell the object.


  • Information on potential buyers. Defining the target group
  • Preparation of promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, presentations)
  • Media planning. Advertising

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