Wide advertising - the key to successful sales of the object

The main purpose of the auction - to achieve growth rates of the object at auction and sell it at the highest possible price.
To achieve this goal requires extensive advertising.
Advertising is designed to attract the maximum number of buyers bidding.
When in the saleroom collected several contenders for the object, they are trading in real time, raise the price of its sale. As a result, the owner of the object can get him an amount exceeding the wildest expectations

Advertising Sales forthcoming Russian auction house is located in a variety of federal publications: the newspaper "Kommersant", "Vedomosti", "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", "RBC", magazine of the largest Russian airline Inflight Review and "Aeroflot", edition The where Moscow and The where Saint -Petersburg, online real estate portal Information about upcoming sales publish electronic editions: Grid newspaper, news agencies: Regnum, «Rosbalt», Interfax, Reuters (Reuters), ITAR-TASS, "RBC", RIA Novosti reported. Upcoming sales are announced on the radio Business FM (Business FM) and Radio Echo of Moscow.

Regional Petersburg editions actively cover the activities of the Russian auction house. Newspaper "Business Petersburg", "Neva time", "Real Estate and Construction of St. Petersburg", "Construction Weekly" magazine "Business Property" and "Commercial" publish materials on the objects for sale. Russian Auction House is in the magazine "Real Estate and Construction Petersburg" section "Upcoming Sales", where all the information is published on trading glad.

In addition, the Russian auction house has its own print edition - "Russian auction house catalog," and the official website - in Russian and English languages, which also housed all of the information about the upcoming sale of the object.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation uses various types of advertising: from mass (Publication of promotional articles in popular media, placement of street banners, placement of advertisements on the Internet) and to address aimed at the determination of potential buyers. In the latter case, the promotional materials (catalogs, flyers, e-mailing), delivered to the offices of potential investors, including foreign ones), they are sent a personal invitation to participate in the auction, they organized the presentation.

The choice of the method of organizing an advertising campaign is due to the characteristics of objects for sale and marketing of its potential market.