Andrey Stepanenko

General Director

Working in real estate sector since 1994.
The founder and undisputed Head of the Auction House of the Russian Federation. In November 2012 elected as President-Elect of Russian Guild of Managers and Developers.
Earlier, during 9 years, was the Head of the Property Fund of St. Petersburg, Russia largest regional auction facility for the sale of state property. Supervised Petrogradsky and Vyborgsky Districts Agencies of the Committee on City Property Management (KUGI) of St. Petersburg, held a position of Deputy Chief of Department of Preparation of Investment Projects of the Department of Economics of City Property of KUGI of St. Petersburg, was engaged in professional realtor activity.
Candidate of Economics. In 2002 defended the thesis on “Methodical Bases of Large City Real Estate Management”.
Andrey Stepanenko was born in Leningrad, graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.
State Adviser of St. Petersburg of the II class.
Awarded the Medal of the Order of Merits for the Fatherland of the II degree.

Deputy Director Generals

Konstantin Raev

First Deputy CEO

Carries out cooperation with banks and finance structures for the matters of property sale, including mortgaged property and property of enterprises-bankrupts,  supervises the work for the sale of private owners property.

Dinara Useinova

Deputy General Director on selling the assets of the FGI, Federal state unitary enterprise, JSC, state corporations

Supervises the process of sale of movable and immovable property of state corporations and also the sale of non-core assets of greatest joint-stock companies of the Russian Federation.

Irina Olshannikova

Deputy General Director for strategic and regional development

Carries out matters of strategic development of the Company, supervises development of branch network, marketing and evaluation activity

Anzhelika Imanova

Deputy General Director for Privatization

Supervises number of matters, connected with the sale of the state property

Руководители филиалов и подразделений

Pavel Zhirunov

Head of detached subdivision of JSC AHRF in Moscow

Dmitry Rozdestvenski

Director of Nizhny Novgorod Branch Office

Kudina Evgenia

Deputy Director of Moscow Branch Office – Head of Commercial Department

Dmitry Suslikov

Director of Tyumen Branch Office, acting as Head of Representative Office of JSC AHRF in Uralian Region

Harlanova Natalya

Director of the Volga region branch

Purikov Dmitry

Director of primorsky branch

Lyubov’ Koltakova

Director of Novosibirsk Branch Office

Ryzhkov Alexander

Representative of JSC RAD in Krasnoyarsk Krai

Chuprov Ivan

Representative of JSC RAD in Altai Krai

Shumilov Andrey

Руководитель обособленного подразделения АО «РАД» в г. Ярославле

Руководители департаментов

Olga Zheludkova

Head of Department for Work with Troubled and Non-Core Assets of Banks

Elena Tarasova

The head of department on work with corporate clients

Maria Marakovskaya

Head of Advertising Department, Editor of the “Catalogue of the Auction House of the Russian Federation”

Akimova Yulia

The head of sales

Svetlana Chestnykh

Chief Expert of Department for Work with Antiques and Objects of Art

Alina Kuberskaya

Head of Department for Communication Policy

Margarita Kovaleva

Chief Accountant

Kantserova Elena

Head of Department for Arrangement and Legal Support of Bidding

Alexander Shturmin

Head of IT Department

Vladimir Krivosheya

Head of Appraisal Department

Inna Smirnova

Head of Administrative Department

Voronova Natalya

Head of HRM Department

Gerasimova Violetta

Head of Legal Department

Sezonova Ksenia

Head of Department of client maintenance

Polyansky Andrey

The Head of Department on the government and corporate procurement

Nachinkin Grigory

The Head of Department on privatization

Gudkova Lilia

Head of Department of technical support

Ekimov Dmitry

Head of Marketing Department